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Andrew Tragardh features on SBS Insight Program ‘Conned’

This week SBS’s Insight program named its episode ‘Conned’.

The show featured victims of romance scams including Cecilie Fjellhoy from the Netflix program The Tinder Swindler, convicted fraudsters, a forensic psychologist, and Duxton Hill’s Managing Partner Andrew Tragardh.

Insight host Kumi Taguchi asked Andrew “how do so many of these con-artists get away with [scams]?”. Andrew answered “It is a bit of a perfect storm. Generally speaking, there are three issues. There is mass under-reporting worldwide. Fraud is complex and difficult to investigate. When prosecuting, it must be proven beyond reasonable doubt in the Australian jurisdiction – this is the second issue. The third issue, in my experience, is that law enforcement tends to lack the motivation, training, and resources to do this sort of work.”

Kumi also asked Andrew “how hard is it to get your money back?”. Andrew answered “According to the ACCC, if you are a victim of an online scam, you are unlikely to get your money back. This is not my experience. Do not rely on the police to get your money back because it is not their job to get your money back. Their job is to get a conviction. Civil courts are where you get your money. We can get freezing orders over assets, search orders to enter premises, image phones, laptops etc. This is dependent on the circumstances, but the key takeaway is that the civil courts are there, and it’s much easier to prove.”

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