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Report Fraud

Are you considering reporting fraud? In most civil cases, particularly where Freezing Orders are obtained so you can get a foot on the fraudsters assets, a favourable settlement can be achieved early on, avoiding the costs of a lengthy Court hearing. If you wish, you may then report fraud to police.

Unfortunately, the focus of police is to charge offenders and secure convictions. It is not their job to get your money back. Also, significant delay is involved and you lose control of the process. After a complaint is lodged, it typically takes many months (if not years) before the matter is finally investigated. It could take years before the matter finally gets before a judge and jury.
Police are trained to investigate most crimes, but fraud cases can involve complex commercial relationships such as companies and trusts, and the movement of money through sophisticated financial arrangements in an attempt to deliberately hide proceeds of fraud. Fraud investigations typically require a thorough understanding of legal and financial affairs which are beyond the limited capabilities and resources of police. This is not a criticism of police. It is just how it is.

So before you report fraud, consider the services available to you. Andrew Tragardh is a fraud barrister and fraud lawyer in Melbourne who assists any victim of fraud with the following:

  • Providing you with legally privileged and confidential face to face advice
  • Drafting your court documents – including statements, affidavits and pleadings
  • Representing you in any Court, Tribunal or Inquiry
  • Representing you at mediation
  • Representing you in dealings with law enforcement agencies or government authorities

If you need to report asset misappropriation fraud for civil claims, Andrew has a successful history in commercial fraud cases. Alternatively, if you are accused of fraud charges and in need of a criminal defence lawyer experienced in defending fraud charges, Andrew is also the white collar crime lawyer for your criminal fraud needs.

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